All-natural Wood Lid

Made of black walnut, the lid adds a stylish touch to your countertop while keeping old, discarded pucks out of view.

Removable Cross-bar

The removable stainless steel silicone-lined cross bar provides a dampened, but firm, knocking surface that won't send your portafilter flying like a trampoline.

Built-in Airflow Vents

To help with moisture control, we've designed the body and lid with front and rear vent openings, allowing for steam and air exchange while the lid is in place.

Strong & Sturdy

The ABS molded body is stain-resistant and holds approximately 12-16 espresso pucks (portafilter size dependent). The bottom of the base comes equipped with a non-slip rubber foot, ensuring your Arc stays put under pressure.

Love Every Shot.

To us, coffee is a ritual. And we want you to love every moment of it. To take joy in the process of measuring and grinding. To experience confidence while distributing and tamping. To rejoice in the sight of the perfect extraction. And of course, to love every drink you make, every time you make it.