Where is Crema located?

Our office and warehouse are located right outside of the windy city -- Chicago, Illinois, USA.

I’m outside of the United States -- where can I find Crema products local to me?

While we do ship internationally from our website, we’re excited to announce that we’re expanding our retail network globally! Check out our International Partners page to see if there’s a shop carrying Crema products near you.

How can I start carrying Crema products in my coffee shop or online store?

We’d love to have you as part of the Crema family! Head over to our WHOLESALE page and drop us a line.

Does Crema work with Influencers?

Absolutely! We're always up for making new friends. Shoot us a message with your info -- we'd love to connect!


Does Crema ship internationally?

We sure do! We’re currently shipping worldwide.

Are international orders subject to duties, taxes and/or import fees? And who pays for these fees?

With the exception of orders going to the UK, duties, taxes and/or import fees (if applicable) will vary based on your local government, and will be the responsibility of the receiver during import.

All orders to the UK will be subject to VAT (20%) during checkout.

What is the shipping cost and transit time?

Shipping costs and transit times can be found during the checkout process. Simply enter your shipping address, and you'll be presenting with a list of options for your destination.

Please be aware that orders may take longer to arrive as carriers work to deliver higher shipping volumes due to COVID-19.

When shipping internationally, please note that some destinations are still experiencing extended delays due to import congestion, restrictions and decreased staffing.

If you need your order by a certain date, please consider expedited shipping services.

Tips & Tricks

What machines does the 54mm portafilter fit?

Our 54mm portafilter was designed specifically for Breville’s/Sage's line of 54mm espresso machines, including the Barista Express, Barista Pro, Barista Touch, Bambino Plus, Infuser and Duo-Temp Pro.

How many grams of coffee do you use?

Our daily grind is with the Breville Barista Express. We use the double shot basket exclusively, and typically aim for around 16-18 grams of coffee into the portafilter.

What’s the best extraction ratio?

Generally speaking, we aim for a 1:2 ratio. If 16 grams of beans go into our portafilter, we’ll aim for 32 grams of espresso into our cup. The goal is for this extraction to happen within 25-30 seconds. This said, it’s important to check with your roaster, as they may have slightly different extraction ratio suggestions for their specific beans/roast.

HELP! Coffee is spraying everywhere from my bottomless portafilter!

Not to worry! This is very common, and is one of the main reasons for purchasing a bottomless portafilter in the first place. Channeling and spurting can be caused by many different factors. A few of these include uneven tamping, uneven distribution of the grounds, clumpy/uneven grind size, inconsistent grind size and/or stale (dry) coffee. For tips on eliminating spurting/channelling, shoot us an email at info@cremacoffeeproducts.com. We'll help get you straightened out!

What’s the proper depth for my distributor tool?

The distributor tool is meant to evenly distribute the coffee grounds, but with applying minimum pressure. Adjust the depth of the tool until you’re able to flatten out the bed of coffee with the weight of the tool alone, applying little to no downward pressure.

What’s the proper pressure and depth for my tamper tool?

Set your tamper to a depth that allows you to tamp with a firm pressure, and also allows the collars on the tamper to bottom out on the portafilter. Assuming that you’re using the same dose of coffee every time, allowing the tamper to bottom out in this way will not only give you consistent tamping pressures, but you’re also guaranteed to have a flat, level tamp, every time.

What are the proper care instructions for the wood handled portafilters?

Our portafilter handles are made from 100% natural sandalwood. Hand wash only and dry after washing. Do not wash in the dishwasher. Apply natural wood conditioners such as cutting board oil or beeswax as needed.