Not all espresso machines are created equal, and every machine will require different sized parts and accessories. Furthermore, finding the correct information online to tell you which size tools you'll need for your specific machine can oftentimes lead to a deep dive down the rabbit hole. But don't fret! If you're still sitting there scratching your head, we've got you. We've put together this Crema compatibility guide to help shed some light on your decision making process.

Product compatibility FAQs

Before we dive into which Crema tools and accessories work with which espresso machines, let’s clear up a couple frequently asked questions.

Does it really matter which size product I purchase?

Very much so. It might be difficult to spot the difference between a 54mm and 58mm portafilter with the naked eye, but this small change will make a big difference when it comes to compatibility with your machine. In most cases, incompatible sized product simply won’t work at all, or won't work as designed. But in some cases, an incorrectly sized product could damage your machine. Save yourself the heartache (and return shipping costs!) and double check that you’re choosing the right size tool that will work with your espresso machine.

What are "precision" sizes?

Here at Crema, it's our goal to optimize and enhance every step of the espresso making process. One of the ways we achieve this is by making tools that fit as precisely as possible. The more precisely they fit, the better they're able to do their job. Our 53.3mm tamper is a perfect example. Many tampers you find on the market today will be made at exactly 53mm. We've found, however, that the precise addition of 0.3mm to the diameter of our tampers helps maximize the tamping and distribution coverage, and helps eliminate "donut" rings from forming at the beginning of an espresso shot. We've found that it's oftentimes the small changes that provided the biggest results.

Is Crema Coffee Products affiliated with espresso machine manufacturers, particularly Breville?

Nope! Crema Coffee Products is its own brand and not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way connected with Breville/Sage, Flair, or any other espresso machine brands, subsidiaries, or affiliates. That said, the brands we specialize in, such as tools for Breville, Solis, Flair, Niche, and more, are machines and accessories that we truly love and use personally in our everyday workflow. These are all quality, trustworthy brands that we're happy, and proud, to endorse and to build our brand alongside.

Are Breville and Sage the same brand?

Breville may be amongst one of the most well-known names in home espresso machines. That is...if you live anywhere but the UK. If you're in the UK, then you'll be most familiar with the company called Sage. Funny thing is, both Breville and Sage sell strikingly similar products, all of which even share the same machine names -- ie. Breville Barista Express VS Sage Barista Express. Coincidence? Not in the least. It just so happens, Sage is indeed the same company as Breville, but simply operating under a different name in the UK.

So that said, you guessed it -- all of our Breville-compatible tools will work seamlessly with both Breville AND Sage.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, yes, we do ship worldwide!

And so, without further ado…

Your Crema Product Compatibility Guide

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crema coffee products compatibility chart