Step 1: Grind

Load your portafilter basket with the desired amount of freshly ground coffee. Keep things tidy by using our Dosing Funnel.

Step 2: Prepare

Retract the distributor side to its shallowest depth, and place the distributor on your portafilter, blade side down.

Step 3: Distribute

Gently spin the distributor until your coffee grounds have been evenly distributed and leveled. If the distributor does not reach the coffee, adjust the depth accordingly. Note: you do not want to be applying heavy pressure to the grounds at this stage -- only enough to level the coffee in the basket.

Step 4: Tamp

Flip the distributor over and extend the tamper (flat side) to its maximum height. Tamp your grounds to your desired pressure. For consistent tamping every time, adjust the tamper depth so it matches the depth of the tamp you just created.

Protect your surfaces with either our Tamper Puck or Tamping Mat.

Making Espresso is Now Easy

"This device is a complete game changer. I can’t recommend it enough."

- Christopher

Almost Better Than Sliced Bread

"I love a top the does two things for the price of one! Perfect addition to your setup."

- Josh

A Giant Leap Forward in Puck Consistency

"This product is gorgeous and beautifully well made."

- Mathew

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A Crema Coffee Products Customer
United States United States


The 45.5mm Tamper & Distributor Combo V2 is a very well designed and built product. I can definitely see the level of attention to detail that went to its design and production. From the first time I held it in my hand, to the time I first used it in my portafilter. And the results - a more consistent pull each time. Keep up the good work!

United States United States

Ridiculously good build quality, SUPER heavy, only really use it on the shallowest settings

This is a really, really heavy tamper (like 650 grams? ish? It was a 1.8lb package) which feels really nice but i would be on the floor in pain if i dropped it on my foot or something lol. It works really well. I have the version 2 which allows for it to be more shallow and no spacers. I use the distributor side after WBT distribution and slowly lower it over the grounds while spinning it, then let it all the way down and continue spinning (always on the shallowest setting), then reverse it and tamp, on a setting just slightly deeper than the shallowest setting. I really enjoy the feel of using it and its satisfying to tamp just by letting it sit on the grounds because it applies its own pressure because of how ridiculously dense it is lol. Definitely recommend. I got the rose gold and it goes nicely with my white flair.

Matthew L.
Canada Canada

Almost perfect

Everything about this works well. The adjustments are easy to make and precise. Using this is easy and smooth but with one caveat. If grinds or fines get between the distribution tool or tamper side it can add a noticeable amount of friction. However this is hardly an issue that prevents this from working perfectly even with the added friction.

Amal H.
Malaysia Malaysia

Where is my item?????

I have not receive the item ive purchased??????

Malaysia Malaysia

Love using it.

solid and beautiful. Overall, the product is great to use tamp with 18g below dose since i got it for months. I hope to have spacer so we can distribute the dose of up to 20g. i hope they can include a plastic tamper mat to hold this, anyhow i got 1 by reuse a plastic cover from an ice cream cone.

Love Every Shot.

To us, coffee is a ritual. And we want you to love every moment of it. To take joy in the process of measuring and grinding. To experience confidence while distributing and tamping. To rejoice in the sight of the perfect extraction. And of course, to love every drink you make, every time you make it.